Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our New Home!

These last few weeks have been extremely hectic. We just moved into our new house and moving with the five kids home for the summer is not my idea of fun. LOL! But we made it and things are finally beginning to fall back into a routine.

I have to say that the stress of closing on this house that we purchased as a short sale was one that had me in fits most of the time. We never knew when they were going to call and say it was ready to close so packing little by little was virtually impossible. We needed to be out of our other house by the end of the month and finally on the 25th they called and said that all was well and we could close.

Then began the fun of packing as fast as you can and organization gets blown to the wind. Unpacking has been downright challenging. It has taken days to find things that were missing due to them being packed by dh or one of the movers.

Anyway, during all the stress of closing, our anniversary came up, and I completly forgot about it. DH came home bearing a dozen roses and the first thought I had was, "Why is he bringing me roses?". Needless to say, it made up for him forgetting my birthday when we were first married.
These pictures of this beautiful rose was taken by my 11 year old daughter. She took one of them outside and decided to take pictures. I thought they turned out very good.

These last two pictures are of our new house. The first one is from the front and the second one is of the back by the pool. This is the view that I have from my living room. I love being able to sit in the comforts of the a/c while the kids swim. They are enjoying using the pool and having so much room to spread out in.

It is good to be back in contact again, and hope to be able to join in some challenges soon and post some pics of the inside. I still have some more organizing to do first. It seems like a never ending job right now.



Anja (scrappie) said...

Nice to hear from you again and my that house looks so beautiful Can't imagine how you managed to move with 5 kids having holiday I admire your strength. And what a beautiful picture your daugther made love that pretty flower. Hope you'll have much luck in your new home and hope to see some of your work very soon.

poupetteval said...

wowwww beautiful house !!! have a nice day ;)

Joanne Travis said...

Best wishes in your new (and very beautiful!!) home. I wish you and your family much happiness there! I don't envy you the whole unpacking thing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela:)
Your house is absolutly `gorgeous` ...
beautiful photo`s TFS:)
`Good Luck` and` Many Blessings `in Your New Home..:)x

JazzyH said...

Great photos. The rose is beautiful!

stampin abi said...

wow!!!!!! can i move in with you????? your house is amazing!

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